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Jiaheng waterproof wall

Jiaheng waterproof wall is mainly based on Jiaheng fiber cement pressure board. The waterproofing method of fiber cement board is as follows:

(1) Basic cleaning of fiber cement board

 Before applying the waterproof layer of the coating film, first remove the ash on the surface of the base layer with a shovel, and use a broom to clean up the dust, sand and other debris, especially the pipe roots, floor drains and drains and other parts should be carefully cleaned. If there is any oil stain, use a wire brush and sandpaper to remove it. The surface of the base must be flat, and the depressions should be filled with cement putty.

(2) Construction of additional layers of fiber cement board details

Stir well after opening the container. Do not dilute the product with water or other materials.

Detail additional layer construction: Use a paint brush to dip the mixed paint evenly on the weak parts such as pipe roots, floor drains, yin and yang corners, etc. that are easy to leak, and do not miss the coating (at the junction of the ground and the corner, the coating film is waterproof and rolled up to 250mm on the wall. high). After 4 hours of surface drying at room temperature, apply the second coat of waterproof coating. (After 24 hours of hard drying), a large area of ​​waterproof coating can be constructed. The thickness of each additional layer should be 0.6mm.

(3) Construction of fiber cement board coating membrane waterproof layer

The general thickness of the special waterproof coating for kitchen and bathroom is 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm. According to the different design thickness, it can be divided into two or three times for coating construction.

Open the container and mix well.

The first layer of coating film: evenly spread the stirred special waterproof coating for kitchen and bathroom with a plastic or rubber scraper on the surface of the base layer that has been primed. The thickness is 0.6mm, and it should be uniform. ~0.8kg/m2 is suitable. When operating, the wall should be followed by the ground, and the operation should be carried out from the inside to the outside.

Second layer of coating film: When the first layer of coating film is cured to not sticky to the hand, carry out the second layer of waterproof construction according to the construction method of the first material. In order to make the coating film thickness uniform, the blade coating direction must be consistent with the

The direction of the first pass of scraping is vertical, the amount of scraping is slightly less than that of the first pass, and the thickness is 0.5mm.

The third layer of coating film: After the second layer of coating film is cured, according to the construction method of the previous two times, carry out the third pass of scraping, and the amount of scraping is preferably 0.4~0.5k/m2 (for example, when the design thickness is more than 1.5mm) , a fourth brush can be applied).

Remove the coarse sand binding layer: In order to protect the waterproof layer, the ground waterproof layer may not be removed from the gravel binding layer, and the binding layer can be swept with 1:1 108 glue or Zhongba glue cement slurry. Roll the waterproof coating on the wall waterproof layer, and remove clean 2~3mm sand grains on the surface during curing to increase the bonding force with the surface layer.

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