Jialai board exterior wall hanging system


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building envelope system


Buildings are composed of several different functional spaces. The spaces are classified according to different functional requirements, and combined and divided according to the closeness of the connection between them. The architectural space can be broadly divided into three types of space: main use part, secondary use part, and traffic connection part. The wall is the basic unit for dividing the space. The wall is an important part of the building, its role is to bear, enclose or divide the space. According to the force of the wall itself and the type of material, it is divided into load-bearing wall and non-load-bearing wall; according to the position of the wall, it is generally divided into outer wall and inner wall. The external wall is composed of one or more structures, and should have the properties of decoration, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire resistance, durability, etc. According to the structure, it is divided into external decorative wall, external filling wall or external wall lining etc. Enclosures. The inner wall plays the role of separating space in the room, and is divided into public corridor wall, household wall, and indoor partition wall according to the regional space. Basic use requirements; modern walls generally have a variety of use functions, usually select the wall function according to the use requirements of the regional space, and select the wall type according to the construction requirements.



Jialai board exterior wall hanging system


Jialai board ventilation and rain curtain exterior wall system is composed of "surface decoration + light steel frame structure + thermal insulation filling". Standard components are set through modularization, using A1 grade inorganic energy-saving material surface material, cold-formed thin-walled steel frame, transmission The thermal insulation material with thermal coefficient <0.045w/(m·k) is used as the core material to form an independent system with green energy saving and stable structure. Since it was introduced from Europe at the end of the last century, a large number of engineering cases in the industry have shown that the ventilation and rain curtain exterior wall siding system is a safe and reliable prefabricated exterior wall system.









green evaluation


  • green wall material

    Use Class A non-combustible materials, and the combustion index, heat dissipation index, flame index, and smoke index are all 0; Class A decoration materials have no radiation, and their production, sales and use are not limited. The tobermorite crystal structure is synthesized by mixing a variety of siliceous and calcareous materials through high temperature and high pressure reaction, and the performance is extremely stable.

  • green technology

    Effectively reduce water, electricity, consumables, etc., reduce construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the construction period, greatly reduce the energy consumption of construction activities and construction use, and reduce the sub-item civilized construction rate by 50%;

  • green construction

    Greatly improve labor efficiency, reduce the number of people working on site, save labor costs, achieve the goal of four sections and one environmental protection (energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection), and reduce dust, noise, sewage, harmful gases and construction waste;

  • Assembly evaluation

    Comply with the process requirements of "Evaluation Standards for Prefabricated Buildings", standardization of design, industrialization of components, modular installation, dry operation, etc., fast construction speed, less restricted by climatic conditions, saving labor and improving building quality. At the same time, it complies with the relevant index requirements of the "Green Building Evaluation Standard".






Jialai board decorative surface material

  • Jiaheng's ingenious and delicate materials make the wall decoration pure.

  • From the love and pursuit of nature, all resources are very precious.

  • The style of the natural series is more favored by modern design, which is nothing more than cognition and choice.

  • We have been following the experience of our customers and believe that green and healthy products are trustworthy.

  • Natural colors benefit from the natural raw materials gifted by the earth, and can only be brought out in a reasonable way.





  • Natural and environmentally friendly

Jiaheng fiber reinforced cement board is made of natural raw materials, covered with Portland cement, selected quartz sand, plant fibers, natural mineral pigments and other real materials, and is made of high temperature autoclave curing, 100% free of asbestos, without any Radioactive, there is no doubt that this is a real green material.








  • real and delicate

The color is natural, the raw materials are natural, and the selfless gift of nature gives the board a simple and tough body and a natural and pure atmosphere. The unique linen texture, coupled with the fine polishing of the surface, makes the rough and simple board add a modern elegance to the original natural atmosphere, adding beauty and innocence to the busy city life.










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