Grateful heart, thank you!


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How much love do I have

How many tears do I have

I want God to know that I don't give in

grateful heart, thank you

stay with me

give me the courage to be myself


Whenever I listen to this song "Grateful Heart", I am full of emotions, tears moisten my eyes, along the way in this life, there are cheers, laughter, reunion,... separation, . . . In times of crisis, some people stretch out their warm hands to relieve the difficulties of life; when they are confused, some people point out the maze and clarify the direction of progress; ..., finally overcome the suffering, set sail, and sail to the other side of bright and happy. So, can we not be grateful?

thanks parents

My parents are traditional farmers. They are hard-working, kind, loyal and honest. They have worked in the fields, land and mountains all their lives. When we were young, many other people’s parents went out to work or do business in factories. For our three brothers and sisters, my parents plowed the fields, transplanted rice seedlings, and cut rice during the busy seasons. During the slack, they raised pigs at home, made wooden farm tools, and burned charcoal in the mountains. Expenses for supporting a family and our tuition fees. Thanks to my parents, it is the hard work of my parents that gave me the conditions to study with peace of mind, and have the opportunity to go out of the countryside and go farther!





thanks teacher

When I was a student, I had two unforgettable teachers. One was the teacher of the junior high school, Teacher Chen, who taught mathematics. Teacher Chen was always so amiable and amiable. Her mathematics lessons were gradual and vivid. He always patiently helped to explain, and often came to me for heart-to-heart talk or home visits to learn about my study and life. The other is Mr. Tan, the dean of the junior high school teaching biology. His biology class is humorous and interesting, focusing on hands-on experiments, and he is very concerned about me. He learned about my family's financial difficulties and helped me apply for the poverty-stricken student indicator with the county education bureau. , each semester enjoys a subsidy for poor students. Thanks to the teacher, the teacher teaches us knowledge and educates us to be a human being. Under the cultivation of the teacher, we have mastered the method of learning, clarified the purpose of learning, know the true meaning of life, and established lofty aspirations!

thanks wife

My wife and I were introduced to each other. At that time, I was working in a public institution in my hometown, and she was working in a private unit in Panyu. After a few months of falling in love with each other, she let go of her job there and returned to her hometown with I am with you. At that time, I was really poor, with a monthly salary of more than 500 yuan, and I didn't have a house. She followed me to live in a narrow house with one bedroom and one living room, which was assigned to me by the unit, without a separate bathroom. When I was poor and white, there were women who liked me and accompany me, I felt great comfort and incomparable happiness! In the next year, we had a daughter and lived a simple and happy life. When my daughter was about to turn one year old, my wife felt that the salary for working in her hometown was too low. Her parents opened a factory in Huadu. Taking care of the children, while working in the factory, I work in my hometown and she works in Huadu. The two places are separated for about two years. Later, I felt that it was not a solution to always be separated like this. I applied to my hometown unit for three years without pay and went to work in a private company in Guangzhou. I couldn't afford it, so I bought a house in my hometown in 2014. In 2015, the manufacturing factory was sluggish, and the factory where his wife was working did not continue to operate. In the past few years, I feel that there are still great opportunities for development outside. In October 2016, I began to try to start my own business. At the same time, I wanted my wife to renovate the house and come out. The children can be taken by the elderly to study in their hometown temporarily, but no matter what I do He said bitterly that they could not reach a consensus. In the days to come, they would blame each other and have fewer and fewer opportunities to meet and communicate. Finally, they divorced at the end of 2017. Thanks to my wife, for marrying me when I had nothing, and having children for myself, isn't this true love? Although this relationship did not last for a long time, it taught me that emotional maintenance and family stability require mutual understanding, mutual support, mutual tolerance, and even more humility, compromise, and sacrifice from both sides. It also made me understand that once I miss someone, I can't find them again, so I will silently bless her and thank her! The future is long, quietly excellent, quietly strong!

Thank the company

From the first day I joined our Jiaheng Board Industry Company, I thought in my heart that I must work hard and work hard to make achievements. The company provides us with an environment for living, working, and learning, as well as a platform to display our talents. Isn't it worthy of gratitude? We should be conscientious and down-to-earth to work, do one line, love one line, and specialize one line, and strive to achieve gratifying results in our own jobs. At the same time, it is necessary to abide by the laws of the country, abide by the rules and regulations of the enterprise, do a good job of unity with the surrounding colleagues, and be modest, modest and humble. No matter whether the work is boring or colorful, we must continue to accumulate experience, work together with colleagues, work hard, study hard, and strive to improve various work skills and comprehensive quality. As long as a person is willing to work hard, he can If you endure hardships, you can make great achievements. Mr. Zhang Ruimin of Haier has a saying: "What is not easy? To be able to do simple things every day is not easy; what is not easy? It is widely recognized that it is very easy. It is not easy to do it very seriously." Only with gratitude can we grow, work is the most precious gift in life, and the company is the most important stage in our life. We should be grateful to the company, treat the company as our home, improve the sense of ownership and enthusiasm, take the initiative to find things to do, work proactively, abandon the interests of departments, the interests of small groups, the idea of ​​personal interests first, and cherish ordinary work, Grasp every opportunity for growth and contribute to the company's development and growth!

Thanks to parents, teachers, partners, children, brothers and sisters, company, colleagues, friends, air, sunshine,... . Gratitude is a positive thinking and a humble attitude. When a person knows how to be grateful, he will turn gratitude into an action full of love and practice it in life. A grateful heart is a seed of peace, because gratitude is not a simple repayment of gratitude, it is a kind of responsibility, self-reliance, self-esteem and the pursuit of a spiritual realm of a sunny life! Gratitude is a philosophy of life, gratitude is a kind of life wisdom, and gratitude is the fulcrum of learning to be a man and achieving a sunny life. From the perspective of growth, psychologists generally agree on such a rule: when the heart changes, the attitude changes; when the attitude changes, the habit changes; when the habit changes, the character changes; when the character changes, the life changes. Follow the change. May a grateful heart change our attitude, may a sincere attitude drive our habits, may good habits sublimate our character, and may a healthy character reap our beautiful life! With a grateful heart, thank you and be a better self!



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